I Swear, this Isn’t a Blog About Brand New…

9 Nov

…But it sure seems like one.

This week, I’ll be driving with friends to the National in Richmond to see the twice aforementioned Brand New.

I have seen the once before–nearly a year ago, in fact. That time was in Virginia Beach, at the Norva. The Norva is one of my favorite places to see live music, but the drive was murder. A six hour (round trip) drive was too much, and I wasn’t able to enjoy the show. But this time, we’re shaving two hours off the drive and getting there nice and early – with time to recharge and get food.

Brand New will be playing with Thrice, who I saw with the band last time. I like them both, so it’s definitely worth the meager $25 I’m paying.

At the last show, I had to leave the crowd after a group of us fell in the pit, injuring someone. She had to be taken out of the club. The band actually stopped playing and told the audience that if they didn’t calm down they’d play an acoustic show. The crowd didn’t stop, and the band kept playing. Something had to give, so I got out and acted like “that guy” by standing by the bar with my arms crossed.

That definitely won’t be happening this time.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post from the show.

Until then,


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