Blog in Lo-Fi’s Three Best Relaxing Songs

9 Dec

Every once in awhile, we all need a little downtime. And what better way to relax then by dimming the lights and putting on some quiet tunes?

But which songs do you listen to? Fear not! Your friendly neighborhood Blog in Lo-Fi ishere to help. Here are our top relaxing songs:

3. “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (acoustic)” by Deftones

California alt-rockers Deftones have made a career out of being badasses. Their early videos were all about mayhem and hair-splitting, blood-curdling gutteral screams. But on their B-Sides and Rarities album, the band showed a unique, sensitive side. On the track, singer Chino Moreno’s vocals are at a near whisper and the song, which in its original arrangement is a headbanger’s classic, sounds delicate and sensitive.

2. “Rosyln” by Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Much to the dismay of indie music fans and Twilight haters alike, the soundtrack accompanying the latest tween vampire movie New Moon was actually pretty good. The soundtrack featured original songs from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Grizzly Bear, among others. But the standout track from the album is “Rosyln,” a song by lo-fi god Bon Iver with the help of Brooklyn’s St. Vincent. The song’s hushed atmosphere and echoing vocals make for a perfect nighttime song.

1. “Hoppípolla” by We Are Scientists

In their cover of Sigur Rós’ “Hoppípolla,” the band tones down the original version’s grandiose feel in favor of a quieter acoustic number. We Are Scientists keeps the song in its original Icelandic translation, but the song retains its original power. This is impressive, as most listening to this song will have the slightest idea what the song is about (for those who are interested, “Hoppípolla” translates to “Hopping in Puddles.)


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