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Saturday’s Videos of the Week

4 Jul

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope your weekends are going well.

For today’s post, I’ve posted five music-related videos I think you’ll like. Ready?

Video #1: “Slow Burning Crimes” by East Hundred

Philadelphia’s East Hundred are primed to explode. Their newest release, Passenger is an incredible slice of indie pop. Their entire album can be streamed on their website, which even includes a free download of this song!

Video #2: “Percussion Gun” by White Rabbits

Dual-drummer wielding indie rockers White Rabbits released their latest effort, It’s Frightening, earlier this summer. If you get a chance, check them out live. Trust me, they rock.

Video #3: “Flume” by Bon Iver

This is a live rendition of “Flume” performed for Myspace last year. Bon Iver is, in my humble opinion, one of the best acts out right now. Most bands can’t pull of the kind of raw emotion with a full band that Bon Iver does with a stripped down group. This is definitely worth your time.

Video #4: “What Is Love?” Cover by Diane Birch

I’m a sucker for cheezey dance songs. But cheezey dance songs covered by the amazing up-and-comer Diane Birch? Well now, you have my attention. And hopefully this will give her yours, too.

Video #5: “Rap Chop” Remix by DJ Steve Porter

What, because I run a blog I have to be serious all the time? There really aren’t any words to describe this, you should just watch and enjoy.